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At Cottam & Sons we provide safe storage facilities to retain your possessions whilst you undertake your house move. We understand moving house or relocating office is a stressful time and that’s why our friendly reliable team are on hand to help using safe equipment to take care of your belongings and put them into our secure storage units until needed. Here at Cottam & Sons we provide full 24 hour security for our storage facilities at a slight extra cost, please contact us to find out more. We provide a high quality service to all our clients and adhere to their individual requirements from storing furniture to packing and moving items.

Excellent service, far beyond the call of duty! Unfailingly helpful managers and stress free delivery! Thank you, Cottam and Sons.

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Cottam and Sons Storage Facilities

We provide Storage Facilities across the whole of the UK. It is of paramount importance to us that the highest standards are maintained. We ensure great care is always taken with your possessions, that they will be delivered in a timely fashion and in the original condition  your possessions were in. In addition, we are fully covered by Goods in Transit insurance, for your added peace of mind. Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to us and our storage facilities, we strive to adapt to individual requirements and meet high expectations. Feedback is gratefully appreciated and we will respond to enquiries immediately.

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Storage Units During Moving House

At Cottam and Sons Removals our Storage units are used when there has been a delay in the removal service or your items in your new home are getting in the way. Moving house is a big event in any one’s life and can cause a lot of stress. While furniture and other possessions take up room in your house, Storage Units allow more space in your new or old house. Packing your items and unloading them into your new home can be a long process and very time consuming why not use a storage unit facilities?

It’s always helpful to start packing away the things you don’t often use in advance to your moving date. Boxes around the house can look untidy and most of the time get in your way, Cottam & Sons Removal company provide a Storage Unit to allow items to be secured and out the way until after the move. We ease the pressure on your moving day, Cottam & Sons will help you stay organised.

Storage Facilities in Temporary Accommodation

If your current house has been sold before you have moved in your new home you may try to find rented accommodation for a temporary basis or you might stay with family and friends. Staying in fully furnished housing can be a problem you may find there is no room to store your furniture, clothing ect. Therefore you would have to look into storage units.

Due to this reason Cottam and Sons Removals provide storage facilities that allow you to keep all your possessions secure until moving into your new home. We ask you to choose how long you want to keep your items in the storage unit. Cottam and Sons are here to help, providing you a secure storage facility across the UK.

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Storage Units When Preparing to Move Home or Office

When exchanged contracts have been complete you may be ready to move into your new home, however, you may still want keep items in our storage units. One of the reasons may be if your undergoing a big job within the new house then you may need to space to allow this work to be complete . Cottam and Sons provide Storage units & furniture storage and all possessions. You may find a storage facilities can benefit you by preventing your furniture from getting damaged.

If you are planning to decorate when Moving House or Office, you may want to use a storage unit to prevent getting paint on your furniture causing paint damage. Cottam & Sons Removals, Storage facilities will prevent this from happening. By keeping your items in a storage unit will allow more space without trying to manoeuvre around your furniture.

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If you’re looking for a reputable company that specialises in House Removals, let our experienced team at Cottam & Sons Removals assist you today. We provide our entire range of storage services at our business premises in Willenhall.

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