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For a service request contact the specialists at Cottam and Sons office removal company. We serve the West Midlands and throughout the UK, particularly – Willenhall, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stoke and Walsall, with a storage facility based in Willenhall. Call us at 01902 602 424 ( Walsall ) / 02477 395 005 ( Coventry ) / 0207 050 0705 ( London ) / 028 955 750 04 ( Belfast)

Why Choose Cottam and Sons for Your Office Removals?

At Cottam and Sons we believe we are the best office removal company in the West Midlands. We offer a prompt and professional service throughout the duration of your office relocation and provide reliable and punctual delivery of your goods. We cover Birmingham, Willenhall, Stoke, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Worcester although we are not restricted to these areas.

In addition to this we believe you should choose us as your local removal company as we can offer a competitive price and also the option of storage facilities to retain your goods whilst the office move is undertook. No moving of office is too big for us at Cottam and Sons and all our jobs are covered by our Goods in Transit insurance for your full peace of mind.

Why choose Cottam and Sons Removals?

  • Storage facilities & units
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Covered by Goods in Transit insurance
  • Reliable and punctual removal company.
  • Competitive prices for office removals
  • No office removal is too big or too small for us

Things we do During your House Move:

Specialists in Office Removals

Do you need help relocating to your new business premises? At Cottam and Sons Removals we provide a fast and efficient Office Removal Service, so whether you are only moving across town or relocating to another part of the United Kingdom, we can help you plan your office relocation and find practical solutions to any issues that may arise. At the initial step, Cottam and Sons Removal will listen to your needs and provide office movers solutions that are best for your current situation, providing you with excellent value for money. From the planning stage through to your staff settling into their new location, our manager cooperates closely with you to ensure your companies office relocation is done with the minimum of disruption.

Identify Computers and Other Equipment

Many modern offices are will with a lot of hi-tech equipment including Computers, Printers, Photocopiers and more. Hi-tech equipment needs specialist packing during office removals. Cottam and Sons Removals company are specialists in removing items from and to a property with our experienced team of office movers. It is important to tell us exactly what needs moving. We use specialists in packing materials when in transit to ensure the items are transported securely.

A stressful part of office removals is backing up data stored on your computer or laptops within the working environment. This risk can be avoided before Cottam and Sons Removals arrive to ensure that you have up to date backups of all the data on your equipment before office relocation. Preferably this data should be stored via a medium, this is not involved in the move, such as a hard drive.

Sort and Archive Paperwork

Every company that Cottam and Sons have visited have a mountain of paperwork built up over months or even years. These all need to be moved in during a corporate office relocation. This can cause a lot of headache however distinguishing files in importance can help when you have moved to your new location. If you have no time to pack you should label your boxes that store all the paperwork this will ensure you find all important paperwork for office movers.

Hire a Professional Office Removals Company
Many companies will not have moved, so you may not have a lot of experience in this sector. Cottam and Sons Removal company can provide all the necessary information that has been carried out by our expert team. Get your Free Office Removal quote today.

Plan New Office Layout

When moving to a new office have you thought about where everything is going to go in your new office. Moving to a smaller or larger premise you need to consider time being lost by reorganising the space of your office. Cottam and Son’s removals ask you to provide clear directions of where about the equipment should be placed in the office relocation. This will mean our team can have things set up ready to get your business up and running without a delay once the office removal process is complete.

Cottam and Sons Removal company suggest sorting unwanted items. We say this as there is no point of moving office furniture and equipment which you then decide to bin. This can include Chairs and desks that’s are showing signs of wear or have been broken or an old unwanted computer. Cottam and Sons recommend clearing out these items before the office removal so that you only take items which are needed and are in good repair.

For flexible Office Removals, speak with our team today on the numbers listed below

Give us a call
Walsall - 01902 602 424
Coventry - 02477 395 005
London - 0207 050 0705​
Belfast - 028 955 750 04

If you’re looking for a reputable removal company that specialises in Moving House and Office removals, let our experienced team at Cottam and Sons assist you today. We also offer house removal services across
Willenhall, Wolverhampton, Walsall and throughout the UK..

Looking For Storage Facilities?

In addition to Office removals, our efficient team can also help you with a complete Storage Facilities service. Our team will ensure your items are transported with the care and attention they deserve in on of our storage units.

Don`t take our word for It. Read what our customers have to say.

“A Fantastic service was provided by Andy and co. Very professional, prompt and efficient. Thank you so much for the delivery from Dublin to Southampton. Would definitely recommend Andy. Thanks again.”

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